Eligibility For Publicly Funded Tests

Referrer to determine eligibility

Taranaki Medlab is contracted by the Taranaki District Health Board to provide laboratory testing to patients in the Taranaki community where the person is a New Zealand citizen or otherwise eligible for funded health services. It is the responsibility of the referrer to determine the eligibility of patients being referred for laboratory testing.

The table below sets out the rules for publicly funded tests.

WHO Criteria Funded
New Zealand citizens and residents Includes people from the Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau Yes
Work permit holders

Holds a current work visa valid for 2 years or more, or renewed continuous work visa totalling 2 years or more.

Foreign Language Teaching Assistants funded by the Ministry of Education

Refugees and applicant refugees With proof of refugee/applicant status Yes
Children Under the care of an eligible parent or guardian Yes
Australian citizens As per New Zealand citizens Yes
United Kingdom citizens In NZ on a temporary basis and requiring urgent medical care as determined by the medical practitioner Yes
All persons receiving compulsory health services

Compulsory treatment under TB Act 1948, Health Act 1956, Alcohol & Drug Addiction Act 1966, Mental Health Act 1992

Prison inmates

Funded students NZ Aid Programme student (includes partners and children) studying in NZ and receiving Official Development Assistance funding Yes
Any person applying for immigration reasons Testing for immigration or visa purposes No
Commercial accounts

Industrial companies – employee health checks

Insurance or superannuation related testing

Wellness tests Company employee health checks No
Pre-employment or work related testing e.g. Immune status and MRSA screening No
Workplace screening for occupational exposure
e.g. lead, arsenic and mercury
Cholinesterase testing
Health check/clearance for issue of licences e.g. pilots No
Health check/clearance for sports e.g. boxing No
Immune status checks Pre-travel checks for vaccination or Visa application
Clearance for students or work-experience placement e.g. nursing, medicine
Non-approved referrers e.g. Veterinary testing
Podiatrists, osteopaths, naturopaths
Patient requested tests/self-referred tests

Restricted range of tests allowed to be requested
Patient requested tests



Please note on your request form if your patient does not meet the above funded testing criteria. Patients who present at Taranaki Medlab for tests not funded by the DHB will be charged prior to collection of samples. Samples received via courier deliveries where payment is required will be followed up with the referrer.

Patients may be required to pay for Tier 2 tests if requested by a general practitioner (GP) where request has not been approved by a registered medical specialist.

Payment is required at the time of sample collection.

Eftpos facilities are available at all Taranaki Medlab collection centres.