Eligibility For Publicly Funded Tests

As specified by regulations and our contract with funding bodies, not all patients are eligible for publicly funded laboratory tests.

Patients who do not qualify for publicly funded tests, or who are having tests for non-medical reasons, MUST be clearly identified by the referrer so payment for tests can be collected by our staff.

Circumstances when patients are NOT eligible are outlined below:

  • Non NZ residents – to qualify the patient must hold NZ citizenship OR NZ permanent residency OR hold a NZ work permit that allows for continuous stay of at least 2 years.
  • NOTE:  Non-resident pregnant women are eligible for publicly funded maternity services only IF they hold a NZ work permit that allows for continuous stay of at least 2 years OR are married to a NZ citizen or permanent resident.
  • Tests for Immigration or visa purposes.
  • Life Insurance and Superannuation testing.
  • Tests for screening purposes related to education or employment. This includes pre-employment, employment or health and safety screening e.g. lead levels, drug testing, hepatitis immunity, MRSA.
  • Screening tests prior to travel e.g. hepatitis immunity, rabies antibodies.
  • Tests self requested by patients, or tests requested by referrers not approved by the DHB e.g. osteopaths, naturopaths.
  • Tests ordered for screening reasons - that is where tests are requested on a well person devoid of symptoms and with no clinically recognised risk factors.
  • A test for the sole or primary purpose of obtaining a certificate for another organisation e.g. pilot’s medical.
  • Tests that are for, or part of a research project or drug trial.