Rest home and home visit collection

Taranaki Medlab offers a phlebotomy service to community patients in need
of domiciliary collects.

This service operates on a routine basis (mornings only) as follows:

No regular service.

Private home visits – please refer below to criteria.
Rest homes:  Omahanui Special Care, Thornleigh, Telford, Jean Sandle.

Rest homes:  Molly Ryan, Maida Vale, Mission, Riverview, Sunhaven.

Rest homes:  Brooklands, Heatherlea, Chalmers, Rhapsody, Taurima, Tainui, Coronation Lodge.

Private home visits – please refer below to criteria.   Rest Homes:  Summerset.

All requests for visits must come from surgeries or hospice staff.

Phone the laboratory 7587450 option 2 (patient services) to request a visit and follow up with the request form by fax or courier.  Always write “home visit or rest home visit” on the form. 

These patients will be visited on the next routine visiting day.

Calls outside these days are made by special arrangement by phone with 24hrs notice.
If a visit is required urgently the request must be phoned to us preferably early in the day while phlebotomists are still on their rounds.

Home visits are provided Tuesday and Friday, excluding public holidays, between 8am and 12 noon.

The request for a phlebotomy home visit must be made by the referring medical practitioner or their authorised representative (e.g. senior practice nurse). We are unable to accept requests from patients or their families.

The patient must be housebound or have seriously impaired mobility due to a medical condition or be physically or mentally impaired and have no support person available to transport them to our collection rooms. We will not provide this service for non compliance or transportation needs.

Financial hardship and/or lack of transport are not considered criteria for a home visit.

No long term requests can be made e.g. for 6 months ahead.  The most advanced request would be for 2 weeks after which we would expect the patients need for home visits to be reviewed.

Routine visits will be grouped into areas and these areas will be allocated certain days of the week for service.

Visits outside of the scheduled days will only be made for urgent requests where these are clinically indicated.  Urgent requests must be confirmed as 'urgent' by the requesting practitioner and will be prioritized following discussion with the requesting doctor/practice nurse.

Rest homes will be allocated certain days of the week for routine domiciliary visits. Extra visits outside of the allocated days may be possible if the tests are required urgently.  We ask that the requesting practitioner/practice nurse confirms the urgent status of the request with us directly.

When Taranaki Medlab staff, are visiting patients at rest homes, we request that a staff member is available to assist the phlebotomist, this is particularly important for patient identification and for the safety of both the resident and our staff member.

In order to help us prioritize our visits on any given day, when booking the visit please inform our staff of any special requirements, e.g. patients that are fasting or with-holding medications.  It is also important that the patient is made aware of these requirements.

Taranaki Medlab will aim to provide an indicative time for the visit to the extent that it will be some time in the morning. We have a significant number of urgent visits and fasting patients that can impact on the times of the scheduled routine visits and make provision of firm times problematic.

Taranaki Medlab will not continue to visit patients who are repeatedly not home at the time of the visit or who have changes in their circumstances enabling them to visit a collection centre.

Patients who are not home at the time of the visit will be left a calling card and advised to visit the laboratory for their blood test.

Taranaki Medlab will notify the referring practitioner (or practice nurse) where the patient's situation no longer appears to meet the home visit criteria.