Specimen collection and labelling protocol

REQUEST FORMS - must be completed in legible writing, giving the following information:

  • Full name of patient
  • Date of birth
  • NHI number
  • Patients address
  • Requestors name
  • Name of copy to recipients
  • Tests required
  • Clinical information including current medication

SPECIMENS - must be labelled with the following information:

  • Patients full name
  • Patients NHI number
  • Patients date of birth
  • Date collected
  • Time collected – critical when multiple specimens are taken on the same patient.  Necessary for drug measurement

Minimum acceptable specimen labelling requirements

  1. Surname and First Name/Initial
  2. Date of birth or NHI number


On receipt of specimens they are matched with the request form ensuring that the minimum specimen labelling requirements are met.

For Unlabelled or Mislabelled specimens

Requestors will be faxed notifying them of our intention to discard the specimen.

The only exceptions to this discard policy will be histology samples and cytology samples. These will be returned to the requestor, via the courier, with a note requesting the specimen be labelled.